Crocodile Takes A Bite Out Of Trainer

How bored and dumb do you have to be to sit around and think, “Hey! I bet I can stick my arm in a crocodiles mouth for entertainment purposes!” Really.. I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life but I have yet to get to this level of stupid. This is from Thailand.. why not go to Bangkok and rent some hookers or ladyboys instead? Anywho, a trainer is performing in front of an audience and thinks he has trained the crocodile enough to where he can safely stick his arm inside its mouth and not get it ripped off. It doesn’t get ripped off but the crocodile does bite a big chunk out of it. I guess he was in the mood for Thai.🤷🏻‍♀️

24 thoughts on “Crocodile Takes A Bite Out Of Trainer

  1. I was told that when crocs bite like this, it’s from a sweat drop that lands on their tongue causing them to flinch and bite. Either way, count this as another thing you will not see this white boy doing.

    By the way, @yournextexgirl I can’t imagine you doing ANYTHING stupid. My most memorable would be BenGay in the butt (on a DOUBLE dog dare about 30 years ago) and Nair on the balls. The latter most recently (4 years ago) so age doesn’t necessarily mean wisdom.

      • The first misadventure occurred in the era of me sneaking peaks at my dad’s porn collection on Beta Max. We were not rich enough for a film camera. The second occurred and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. I read that entire bottle forwards, backwards and upside down. NO where did it mention scrotum, balls or bean bag as a restricted zone. To make matters worse, after the longest 10 mins of my life, I proceed to the shower to wash off the liquid 🔥. My mistake. It felt like I was T bagging a Kilauea fissure.

        My urologist kindly looked at my yam bag and chuckled while saying “Yup that’s a chemical burn”. To this day I see him lumbering around the halls of the hospital and I call him meat gazer. He replies “Burnt Ball Boy”

    • A Crocodile Dundee looking kinda guy walks into a tough Australian bar with a croc on a leash. He jumps up on the bar and pulls the crocodile up with him. After ordering a beer, he thrusts his crotch in front of croc. The crocodile chops down hard on his junk. After for what seemed like an eternity, the croc hunter guzzles the beer and then smashes the croc over the head with the beer bottle to release its vise-like grip. He looks around at the gathered crowd, points at them with the end of the broken bottle and says with the roughest voice, “I dare any of you mother fuckers to do that”! One meek, slender and very attractive young woman slowly raises her hand and says in the softest voice, “I will, but you have to promise not to hit me in the head with a bottle”.

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