Trans Woman Reveals New Kitty

Trans Woman Reveals New Kitty

You’re all going to hate me and I don’t even care because this shit is hilarious and weird. I ain’t even gonna get into the political part of all this because that would be a whole post on its own. People can do what they want with their bodies but if they’re gonna put themselves out there then everyone’s gonna comment on it. A trans woman, aka a male who now identifies as female, has decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery to turn that P into a V. The scrotum is used for the labia, a hole is made for the vagina and the clit….I’m not really sure what they do with that. We now get to enjoy the big reveal as the doctor takes off the diaper bandages to show us the super swollen lips and a little pee comes squirting out. That vajayjay is brand spanking new and is already stuffed. I think the patient is getting off having all of that gauze pulled out. Then it’s time to have a look in the mirror and the patient is beyond thrilled, I’m sure just waiting to be healed enough to take it out for a test drive. Whatever your thoughts are on trans people you gotta admit that the things docs are able to do with the human body is pretty incredible.

54 thoughts on “Trans Woman Reveals New Kitty

  1. You’re right @littlefoot…..i hate you😑
    That’s a true mangina…. luckily no guy is gonna fall for that fake pussy cuz they’re gonna run as soon as they hear him talk😂😂😂

  2. Having closed down quite a few bars (pubs, saloons, inns, drinking establishments and parties, etc.) and being horny and drunk with time running out to pick up a score… I have seen how the mind can turn an ugly skank into a beautiful Princess as the night goes on and the alcohol becomes a magical elixir with every extra shot or drink. I have awoken, having went home with a hot, sweet woman, and found myself with a huge hangover and a hag of a woman beside me. I may have been a gargoyle in her eyes as well, I don’t judge drunks… But, never, never would I have laid my drunken sights on this happy person and thought, “she is the one” during that final moment before closing time. “She” needs to work on “Her”self a lot more unless having a pussy was the only goal. Otherwise, it’s just a man with a “pussy”? I’m happy ___ has a sort of vagina now.
    BTW… Do new vaginas work better for inserting weird shit into, or are assholes still the select orifice for that kind of stuff?

  3. Jeezuz Christ….🤢🤮
    On one hand if fruitcake is happy then good for HIM…on other hand it’s kinda sad how mentally confused and fucked up trannies are. + that’s one ugly pussy even if it’s in trauma phase and man made…by a fag gook passing himself off as a surgeon just for money.
    Speaking of which how much does this procedure cost? and what are risks such as infection. Anyone really know?

  4. I don’t have a problem with gays and transgenders, I just wonder sometimes on people changing there sexual gender that is going to bring bad negative energy, I just think that nobody should be doing or playing God, changing out the gender cause if God wanted you to be a man you are to be a man and don’t be fucking around with that shit there is a reason god gave you the sex that you are, — and I bet that is expensive as shit.

    • Yeah, God don’t want no tinkering with the plumbing. 😉 I had a thought that when cloning is made legal, someone will try to clone the DNA of JC himself. This would count as The Second Coming and from what they told us in Bible School, this would not be a good thing . . . He gonna be real pissed.

    • Well it looks like Thailand which you can buy half a city for the equivalent of $1,000 USD. I wonder if these people regret this mega change after 5 years. I’m too much of a scared bitch to get a tattoo, much less surgery that changes my God given plumbing. I like having orgasms too much.

      Fast forward 20 years, he-she’s still getting prostate cancer. Imagine that discussion with a new primary care doctor.

  5. You know how guys say i wish i had a big dick? Well i wonder if that mentality stays hidden in the minds of these transgender males who decide to go under the knife…. like, “i want a pussy doc. But make it a big one… like a really huge, thick, intimidating pussy”…. cuz i feel like that’s what happened here 😶😶😶 @littlefoot

  6. I absolutely believe there’s certain times in life that you shouldn’t cheap-out on something. For instance, buying a box of condoms marked 1/2 off at the dollar store, $1500 boob jobs in the Dominican Republic and “like new” underwear on Ebay. But if EVER there was something that should be paid full price for it’s the Tijuana Tuck and Roll.
    I’m not sure what to call this… ummmmm…. patient …a train wreck or a tranwreck but it’s made me realize that I should be more appreciative of what I have! So I’m off to go show myself some appreciation!!! 😉🤣😉🤣

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