Passenger Loses Top of Head Thanks to Drunk Driver

This half-head decapitation happened on May 27th at 4:30 am local time In Asbest City, Russia. The 29-year-old driver was drunk as hell and crashed his Nissan on Voikova Street. His passenger had the top of his head destroyed in the crash although the driver survived with a skull fracture. No word on charges being filed against him but I imagine he’s in some trouble lol.

Thanks to @mrspink!

12 thoughts on “Passenger Loses Top of Head Thanks to Drunk Driver

  1. Hey, did you guys hear Princess Diana was on the radio?
    Yeah, she was on the steering wheel and windshield too.
    I hope if there is an afterlife that Jesus is introducing Porsche Girl to Nissan Boy right now. A match made in heaven…now that’s some cheesy shit. But seriously, they are not-entirely-whole mates.

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