Man’s Head Turned to Mush by Cop with Shotgun

Epicness right here delivered by a shotgun fired by a cop. We start off the video showing the end of some sort of confrontation with police and all of a sudden a man’s head just fucking explodes. I don’t know if maybe he tried to reach for a weapon or tried to snatch a gun from one of the officers but goddamn. Anyone who can make anything out is welcome to share.

Props to Mrs.Pink

9 thoughts on “Man’s Head Turned to Mush by Cop with Shotgun

  1. Wooow! I slowed it down frame by frame and that man did nothing more threatening than tugging on his buddy with the police tugging from the other side. You see him let go and start backing up when you see this other officer start walking up with the shot gun. The guy in the blue shirt then puts up his hand almost in a defensive way, when the asshole opens fire on him

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