Little Girl Is Beaten By Piece Of Shit Loser

I’m not sure where this is from but I hope to dear baby Buddha that someone knows who this piece of shit is and that he is getting beaten and raped in a prison somewhere right now. The video shows a man who I assume is the little girl’s father punching her little body over and over and over as she cries. Sadly, I bet this was not the first beating like this that the little girl has received because she seemed to be used to it. I can’t even imagine what her daily life with this asshole is like. Hopefully, since the video is out now something will be done.

Thanks to @mrspink for the vid.

41 thoughts on “Little Girl Is Beaten By Piece Of Shit Loser

  1. The motherfucking son of a bitch is trying to hone his punching skills thinking the little girl he has at home is a punching bag.
    The kid is gonna live through brooding but coming tougher by each day and she will have her own biggest stonish punch reserved to send the bastard to the coffin when she’s grown up .
    Bye Bye Bastard your death warrant seems signed in totality

  2. 5 seconds i had to stop…she even put her hands up..poor kid..karma will get that mother fucker…i gotta buddy that would beat him to death cause he lost his daughter….hell i feel bad even having to get onto my kids

  3. Didn’t watch video. Kinda wanted too just in case I could run into this dude. I would kill him without hesitation. I would like to do it with my bare hands. Beat him to death. See if all the weight and speed punching training has paid serious dividends.

  4. So why is it that I am not able to see this and other videos on my phone? It’s very frustrating clicking at many other videos and only about 3% of them work.

  5. I can bare pretty much every video posted on here without even flinching, but this one…. this one got me, I could barely finish watching it and by the time I got done watching I cried like a baby ,and trust me it takes a lot to get me to this point. I can’t stand seeing the defenceless little girl raising her arms and trying to protect herself from this fucking monster, begging this fucking sack of shit to stop beating her. The fact that this is a video and there’s nothing I can do to get my hands on this piece of shit and gut him like a fucking fish just makes it worse for me. I can only hope someone will get a hold of this worthless piece of shit and end his life in the most painful and horrifying way possible.

  6. OMG she even reached up to him at one point as if she just wanted him to.pick her up and hold her, this is so sick, and we wonder why people in these areas are so barbaric. I just wanted to pick her up and hold her myself, all kids want is to be loved and shown affection, this is so fuckn sad! I can’t even imagine this little girls future. If she even lives long enough.

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