8-Year-Old Stabbed to Death

An 8-year-old boy was found stabbed to death along the Acara-Moju Highway in Acara. The shocking thing about the murder is that it is believed to have been committed by a teenager. Someone passing the scene saw a young person between the ages of 12 and 14 at the scene of the crime. So far the murderer has not been apprehended and no motive has been established.

9 thoughts on “8-Year-Old Stabbed to Death

  1. It’s hard to find any humor in the murder of an innocent child but not to worry, I did!
    Somehow I saw the second pic first and was wondering about the random hand on the left pinching his nipple. Then I realized he was pinching his own nipple!

      • @thedudeabides
        If you didn’t post a pic then it didn’t really happen! 🤣
        However, if I found out later it really did happen and as a result you choked to death, I admit I would have felt really really bad. Bad that you died but mostly because I didn’t get the proof of anyone dying in such an awesome way AND it was because of something funny I said! Of course I’d be laughing and posting about your sexually deviant “carrot in the nose” fetish but I’d still feel bad! A little! 🤣

        • @lilithravenna Well thanks I guess. Unfortunately I do not own the equipment to take pictures of chunks of carrot stuck in my nose and anyway you’ve been here long enough to know aftermath pictures are just not the same.
          The good news is the place I work just put a benefits package into place and I’m pretty sure that writing a Will is covered by it. Still have to look into it but if that is the case I will name you as a beneficiary in the event that I die because of something funny you said. All I need is your full name, address, birthdate, social security number, favourite colour, name of your childhood pet, make and model of the first car you drove, a reference from your most recent landlord, credit card numbers, drivers licence abstract, a hug and some more carrots. I’ll send you the forms.
          And the carrot in the nose thing is not a fetish, just an accident. Or should I say the carrot in the nose thing was not a fetish?

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