Russian’s Face Destroyed When Tire Explodes

This incident occurred back in April of this year somewhere in Russia. Men on a farm were filling up the tractor tires when one of them suddenly exploded and went flying into the face of one of the workers. It’s unknown as of now whether the tire was overfilled or if it may have been defective. Either way, I’m most certain that the man was killed instantly by this impact and probably didn’t have time to register the pain of having your face smacked by a giant tire that went from zero to 100 in an instant. Brutal.

Thanks, Pinky!

15 thoughts on “Russian’s Face Destroyed When Tire Explodes

  1. Fuck Vodka ……its terrible and more so because the Ruskies think its kinda mineral water and their guzzling hardly stops ; be it night or day .
    This dude was retired by the tire quite easily .
    Now he’ll never have to worry about checking the Tyre Pressure Gauges anymore . ♻️ 🌀

    • @blucon Fun fact: In Russian when you want to make something smaller in an endearing kind of way you add a “k” in the word. I’m not entirely clear on the grammar but it is a linguistic device. Similar to the “-ette” in English cigar/cigarette. Вода (voda) = water водка (vodka) = a little bit of water. Words are fun!
      Also you beat me to the joke about early retirement.

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