Executions in Cameroon

All I know is that this is from Cameroon. Several people, including a woman with a kid strapped to her back are made to kneel before all are shot mumerous times. I never understand why they shoot them from a distance and then go up and shoot them in the head. Just seems like a waste of ammo when a single round from those rifles point blank to the back of the head would do the trick 🤷‍♂️

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20 thoughts on “Executions in Cameroon

  1. I just had to know the back story for this one. Witches is what I thought. Reuters and other MSM is reporting that it is Cameroon (Camaroonian? Camarooni?) army killing suspected Boko Harum wives or sympathizers. Camaroonite prez says it can’t be his guys because they’re carrying the wrong kind of weapons.

    Sucks to be born in the wrong fucking place.

  2. There have only been a few vids on this site and the old one that truly pissed me off. The one with the muslims in Russia who slit the throats of those young soldiers, is still top of my list, but this is a close second. How you can kill a woman and her child like that? And shot them in the back because they knew they couldn’t look at them and do it. Disgusting SOBs.

  3. Yeah you can never be too sure with nigs, better double tap them. 😆 This is the type of savages the EU wants to bring to our countries… And the doors are opened for them… Then why are they surprised when shit just like the one that happened in France breaks out?

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