Tag That Image! #76

Hello my little Gorriors. Happy Friday the 13th, here’s a new little Tag That Image for you to use your funny bone on. And check out last week’s winner and runners-up.


“Here’s the brother that lived”


I swear to you, Melania! It’s NOT mine!

What our grandchildren will be born looking like after us eating all this GM food!

Blue waffle spawn.
@stroginuff (Jared)

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25 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #76

    • I don’t get it @uniballer… Pro abortion or anti abortion? Choice goes both ways. If I have a choice, that means I can choose either way.
      BTW. I’m not cool with irresponsible assholes being able to fuck and then just go get an abortion. Nor with people who have kids just to get welfare and then go on, as is typical, and raise shithead, fucked up people who go on to raise more welfare babies. And I’m not ok with mutilating and killing babies in the womb who are viable and can feel, kick, move and have a chance at being alive.
      If a baby is like this one and has little or no chance at a good life, then abort it for the benefit of all, but do it early in pregnancy. An unviable life and a burden on society isn’t humane. It is stupidity and only idiots who don’t have to deal with the consequences support that shit. Harsh… It’s the idiots at extremes of the issue who are stupid and harsh.

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