Neat Street Meat

Another meaty injury which left a man’s leg completely split open, revealing all the juicy meat and tendons. Although mostly it turns into an interview session with possibly the man who struck him. I’m not sure. But anyone who can translate can feel free to fill us in.

Happened in Salgueiro, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Thanks, Pinky!

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7 thoughts on “Neat Street Meat

  1. Ok this is a long one, and im too tired to make a full translation… but ill try to sumarize it. Basically the locals are complaining that there are no street bumps to slow cars down, that the local mayor doesnt give a fuck about the population, and only add ways to tax on people rather than solving simple problems that could have been avoided like this one in the video. The guy on the floor was run over apparently, and he was lucky to not have burst an artery or broke his leg, so he will survive. 😀

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