Elderly Woman Killed During 911 Call

Elderly Woman Killed During 911 Call

Alright guys, we’re trying something a little new to see what you guys think. I know we all love watching videos and seeing pictures of blood and guts but sometimes, for me, the sounds I hear are worse than any visuals. Hearing someone terrified or in pain makes it real to me and often times gets a stronger reaction from me than the gory mess. 911 calls can be absolutely chilling when you hear the panic in someone’s voice trying desperately to get help and feeling their fear wondering if something awful is going to happen before authorities get there…at least that’s how I often feel.

This is the story of Ruth Price, an elderly woman who called 911 because of a suspicious man hanging around her house. As Ruth states in the call, the man came around asking for a guy in the apartment behind her home. This obviously spooked her enough to dial 911 and as she’s explaining the situation she pauses now and then, I assume because she hears something. Next thing you know she’s screaming at the top of her lungs absolutely terrified and at the end it seems someone is trying to strangle her. Now, the thing about this video is there’s a lot of speculation on whether or not it’s real. While there’s many good arguments of why it’s a fake it’s also never been completely proven to be a fake and I read that some people training to be 911 operators are made to listen to this call to show that everyone should be believed when they dial 911. One argument for it being fake is that the operator doesn’t do much to get a lot of information from Ruth such as her location but I’ve read as well that she had been calling the police fairly often leading up to that event and they believed she was just paranoid. Was she terrorized and the killer finally struck or is this just a hoax? Either way I find her screams pretty chilling. What do you guys think of posting some 911 calls now and then? I have a few in mind (that I know are 100% real) but wanted to get your thoughts on it.

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  1. The screams are the best part.
    Such sincerity in the screams.
    A blood curdling scream.
    Always tends to have gain.
    And a bit of raspiness.
    Some of the best screams.
    Nick Berg Eugene Armstrong.
    Rigoremortis Hall of Fame.

  2. Exactly @littlefoot, like when was that stupid ass dispatcher finally going to ask for her location?
    That would be the first thing I would’ve asked, just in case they can’t trace their location right away and maybe there was a unit near by, who knows…

    I’ll lean towards real because I don’t think an old lady would risk screaming herself into a heart attack just for a simulation call or a prank.

  3. @littlefoot I think it’s great to hear these! They show us that police are there as a deterrent and to pick up the pieces after the crime. Not to actually stop it. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. You, are responsible for your own safety more than any police officer.

  4. RGM without pics or vids is like Panera without the bread. Taco Bell without the beans.

    It’s just not the same.

    Like the above examples, my patronage didn’t waver. Mostly because when you’re hungry, you just find another menu item. Same principal. Gore is gore. I will actually have to use my imagination to go along with the audio. I hope I still have this imagination thing.

    • @trainwreck That was definitely a fake obituary, it’s just plain classless to include the name of the guy that murdered her and that’s the only thing they said.
      “On the date of whatever, Ruth Price passed away not quite peacefully in her home. She had a vibrant smile, a beautiful singing voice and enjoyed talking about the Great Depression. Ruth loved one pin bowling, cherry Pablum and walking to the mailbox after she had both hips replaced. Ruth is survived by her son Everett and her two grandchildren Sophie and Todd. Todd is Ruthlessly retarded and will dearly miss his “Uncle Rootie”. Ruth was a pro-lifer so it’s strange that she died.”
      Now that’s how you write a fake obituary and I hope this call was faked because if not I’m an asshole.

        • Hey thanks @trainwreck maybe I’ve found my calling. But I think I might abuse my position if somebody’s name came up that I didn’t like.
          “Sandy Ramgina’s body was found mutilated on whatever date at the banks of the Old Man River. He died an excruciating, humiliating death of self-induced dysentery and got his balls cut off by an octogenarian transvestite in his final moments. He was then disembowelled with a hedge trimmer.
          Sandy loved playing Nintendo, crying and getting pounded in the ass by multiple random dudes. He was a skilled orator if you count bitching about your dead end job on Facebook to your four friends one of which is your mom as public speaking, and I don’t think you do so fuck him. Sandy leaves behind two decent siblings, a father who has never been located and his mother *******, who is almost as big a bitch as he was. He will be mostly dearly missed by some and the rest are indifferent. World keeps turnin’.
          Actually he had hemophilia and he died of a paper cut but seriously, fuck him.”
          I need to work on that if I’m gonna pursue this profession.

  5. I wouldn’t mind posting 9/11 calls. Sounds like fun.
    @littlefoot I have a suggestion for just such a post.
    Recordings of what has been dubbed the “Weepy Voiced Killer”. He is an actual murder who would call into 911, crying and begging for help before he murdered again. Very disturbing.

  6. A friend of mine is a 911 operator. I’ve heard stories of people smashing cars with a frozen turkey, a request for the fire department for a dead mouse in the driveway and a drunk girl calling the cops because her drunk sister scratched her and took her shoes. I’ve also heard of an eighteen year old girl coming home from work to find her dad had shot himself. You could not pay me enough to do that job.

    PS the operator on this was a fuckin’ ditz.

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