Old Man Claims Robbers Shoved Steel Cup Up His Ass

A man in India named Ramdin.. hold on.. is that a joke? Okay, a man named Ramdin was rushed to the hospital in excruciating pain where he told doctors that robbers had broke into his home, robbed him, then shoved a steel cup up his ass where it got stuck. Come on, Ramdin. We didn’t believe that shit with this guy or this guy, so what makes you think we are gonna believe you? The steel cup was so far up Ramdin’s ass that doctors had to remove it through his abdomen. Those same robbers will be back next week to do it all over again I’m sure. At least he lives up to his name.

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20 thoughts on “Old Man Claims Robbers Shoved Steel Cup Up His Ass

  1. Okay, I’m not gay – but I’ve been known to try new ideas. There has NEVER EVER been a time that I wanted anything poked up my ass. I dread going to my doctor for an annual physical, and the old, “drop your pants and bend over” routine. And my doctor is an attractive young blonde lady named Brooke.

    Can anyone explain how it is that some people enjoy sticking things up their ass? What’s the sensation that makes people want to do it?

  2. I guess that old man had buns of steel!
    Speaking of cup, congratulations @littlefoot,
    your country (Croatia) is just 1 win away from winning the World Cup 👍
    Did you say you were gonna shave half your head like Natalie Dormer in Hunger Games?
    Now that’s dedication!

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