Man In Agony After Ingesting Gramoxone Poison

A man in Jamaica walked in on his wife who was being bent over by the neighbor in their family home. The two had been carrying on an affair for over a year when they were finally caught. The man was so embarrassed by his wife cheating on him that he attempted suicide by ingesting gramoxone. Gramoxone is an herbicide and a fairly common suicide method in Jamaica because it’s so cheap to buy. Although, it is an extremely painful death. And as you can see.. this man is in agony and vomiting. It looks like he vomitted a lot of the poison up but only a small amount is needed to kill. I highly doubt that he ended up surviving.

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12 thoughts on “Man In Agony After Ingesting Gramoxone Poison

  1. I feel for the guy time my grandma put bleach and other cleaners in a 7 up bottle,after a good hot mow in the 105 degree heat I went inside and saw the 7 a tard I just opened and began to chug..instantly began spewing it back up ,my guts were fucked for good 2 days

  2. Red pants with white polka-dot momma flipped him over and picked him up like he was a rag doll. “You’s ah foo fo drinking dat sheeeit! Now ya gots t’go to da ‘ospital… why’n ya go an’ do a foo ding like dat fer?”

    • @vampira86 I wouldn’t wish death on them or myself. The pain can be unbearable and in that moment things can happen so quickly because of it, like this guy. It’s not worth it in the end and in time that pain will cease to exist on its own.

      The only thing that would make me end my life is if something happened to my son. Now I couldn’t live without him

  3. Its way too hard for these Jamaicans to understand when they relate gramophone to Gramoxone .Hell men …; what the f***….. don’t always be Rastafarians all your dread knotted hairy lives .The former you hear to listen and the latter you use to liquidate pestilence and its never about ” Kingston town ” and getting cheated down.

    So take it as __________
    No woman No cry
    No woman No cry 👧🏾 👨🏾 👩🏾

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