1993 Murder Of Maritza Martin On Live TV

The murder of a 33-year-old woman by the name of Maritza Martin Munoz was broadcasted live on television back in 1993 in Florida while she was giving an interview live to a local news crew about her teen daughter’s suicide a year prior. Her ex husband and late daughter’s father, Emilio Nuñez, met her at their daughter’s grave site, and while Maritza was being interview Emilio left to retrieve a gun from his car. He returned and shot Maritza 12 times while on live TV.

Nuñez believed that Maritza was to blame for their 15-year-old daughter’s suicide and claimed the young girl was abused by her stepfather. Something that police have rejected several times. In 2000, Nuñez was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life, and became eligible for parole in 2017.

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