Nasal Polyps Removed

Nasal Polyps Removed

A patient is having yummy, boogery polyps removed from their nostrils. The camera on the scope shows a big ol’ growth in the nasal passage. Imagine trying to breath with that fat slimy thing dangling back there. First, they go in with some little forceps to pull out the biggest chunk and that fucker is huge. It looks like they pulled out a damn water balloon but I wouldn’t want to be around when they pop it. Next, they go in with a suction device to remove what’s left inside. After going in again they find another big sac to remove which gets the nose bleeding pretty good before going back in again to suction more out. They look like they should be carrying little alien life forms inside. The video stops there but they finished off by stuffing ribbon packing inside for the bleeding. That guy is gonna have a real fun time when he goes back to have that pulled out.

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20 thoughts on “Nasal Polyps Removed

  1. At least he didn’t accidentally go to far and grab some brain or eye roots ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
    Actually this procedure looks pretty safe, but that little squid thing he pulled out looked…squishy.

    • Different animal. Turbinates are the bony ridges along the inside of the nasal passage that spin the air as it goes toward the lungs. Those often need shaving down, too for us unfortunates with lifelong allergy problems.

      • Thanks Cretin. I had my turbinates done twice! was told once would be fine and that they dont grow back. Rubbish. Yet i have not been actually been diagnosed with hay fever etc but probably am borderline! They hurt a bitch after surgery and i nearly died when the wound haemomorrhaged weeks after surgery. Poor vessel cauterisation. Then got infected and i smelled off blood for weeks and swallowed blood and clots for weeks. I can say i know what battlefielfs prob smell like now!

          • Dont remind me! I was not told i even had shunts! He pulled them out and I had vasovagus shock in the car on the way home.Thank God , My girlfriend was driving. I went into convulsions ,the first i have ever had in my life and my eyes rolled back! She thought i was dying!
            Yuk! Haha! What a life we have had Cretin!

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