Man Suicides By Jumping Onto Powerlines

A man in India decided he was done with life and went out in one of the most painful ways possible, in my humble got zapped with an electric bug zapper 18374 times opinion. For a minute.. seeing him standing on top of a building I thought he was going to jump and go splat. Instead.. he grabs onto the powerlines and goes sssszzzzz as he electrocutes himself and starts smoking. No more info as usual, and I am too sleepy to make shit up.

I also added a retarded ass bonus video of an electric bug zapper just for funsies. Kristen Stewart? Is that you?😞

Bonus Video:

28 thoughts on “Man Suicides By Jumping Onto Powerlines

  1. This is so screwed up and sad, he could’ve jumped off the top floor, but nope, he just had to knock everybody’s power out on a 100° day.
    Actually I’m not sure how hot or cold it was.

    Btw, good job Nextie, I see you’re still using that bug zapper I got you 👍

  2. Personal note: I’ve been tased before and not by the police but by a dumbass friend of a friend who thought it’d be hysterical to run around tasing people….ha……ha…….ha.
    Got my foot stuck in an electric fence once
    The other day my 13 year old admitted to me that he got electrocuted by an electric fly swatter. Why the fuck does a fly swatter need to be electrified? Where did he get this fucking thing?

    People have far too much fun with electricity…shits not fun

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