Speeding Car Meets Pole

Speeding Car Meets Pole

Sorry there’s no gore with this one, just a speeding car that loses control and wraps around a pole. Security cameras capture the impact of a driver taking on a pole and the pole wins. The car is completely totaled and people immediately help by using fire extinguishers to put out any fires while another opens the door to check on the driver. Police and firemen finally arrive and have to cut off the hood of the car in order to get to the victim. Unfortunately, the video cuts off before we can see the damage to the person inside and whether or not they even survived. With that impact I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make it.

9 thoughts on “Speeding Car Meets Pole

  1. It would be a miracle if he did survive this.
    That pole cut all the way to the driver’s seat area, so I’m pretty sure his head slammed against it. Broken neck at least.

  2. At least there were people trying to help this time…as for the speeding dumbass…well he’s a dumbass and could’ve caused far more death and havoc but thankfully(?) It was only the car, himself and the pole that got it and not anything, or anyone, else

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