Swamp Thang

Bloated greenie was found floating face up in a swampy area. Nice sunny day and someone out for a stroll stumbles upon the grotesque face with one bulging eye. That green face and the blind eye that still seems to be staring directly into your soul. Creepy shit courtesy of @mrspink.

And since this post got me feeling all nostalgic…

18 thoughts on “Swamp Thang

  1. I was thinking that his face kinda looks like a mask. It reminded me of a prank I once pulled on a friend in Cuba. If I may share it…

    I taught CPR and had an old face from one of the practice dummies being disposed of. I put on my SCUBA gear and wedged the face under coral where this friend I would go spear fishing the next day. The next day we met at the beach and dove out to the coral. As we were circling around it he came face to face with the mask. All I saw were huge bubbles and him kicking backwards! Man, that was classic! 😂😂

  2. That eye of the baboon is still looking grotesquely at some odd stumbler who had happened to walk past that swamp and its gonna haunt him badly giving those
    endless nightmares of screams and shouts and bouts of sleepless nights . ..is gonna be a great sequel for the directors of Hollywood movies

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