Ferry Sinks In Indonesia

Ferry Sinks In Indonesia

Yesterday a ferry boat in central Indonesia began to sink with 139 passengers on board. The incident occurred the same day that a search was called off for 164 passengers that were on a ferry that sank back on June 18th. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon as the boats are not well kept because of lack of safety regulations and/or the boats are filled over capacity. So far the death count is at 31 but may rise as more bodies are discovered….or not discovered. The boat started to sink during rough seas and the captain took the ferry towards the shore to save lives and passengers waited overnight to be rescued. The video shows the boat slowly going down with dozens of passengers still on board and some in the water. The guy recording is Allahu Akbaring as he scans the scene and shows a few of the rescued passengers. I was on a ferry about a month ago and even though it sucked with the choppy waters at least we didn’t sink. Get your shit together Indonesia.

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  1. They all own smartphones, so every one of them should also own a… smart lifesaver and wear it around their necks everywhere they go. Like make it a new fashion thing, plus its orange, you know that’s a plus and then maybe they stop drowning in 4ft of water.

    • You mean the Mae west @re-pete but here lies a big problem all because Indonesian grope tits and the women in places often so even if they have it worn for survival chances are remote that they will survive as they will keep squeezing the bulged up inflates thinking they are Mae west melons .Boat is gonna sink and people are gonna drown still . What if we have them torpedoed out . I think ya’re gonna nod your head saying .”yes”

  2. Watery grave was all ; most of them had begged for , and they got what most of them wanted The ones that have been rescued will again be sailing those over capacitated rusty water tubs and wish to drown or be eaten away by sharks .
    May the barracudas do the job if sharks get too busy in other tropical waters.

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