Assassination Attempt On The President Of Zimbabwe

Assassination Attempt On The President Of Zimbabwe

Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa was holding a campaign rally when there was an explosion and people suspect it was meant for Mnangagwa. While he escaped without injury, a total of 49 people suffered injuries with one having to have his leg amputated. In the video he is walking off the stage smiling to the crowd and shortly after he gets down the stairs there’s an explosion and everyone scatters like a family of cockroaches when you switch on the lights. Right at the :07 mark you can see something flying through the air landing right where the blast happens. As of now there are no suspects but the President is not letting it get him down calling the act cowardly and that it was not his time to go. Last year, Mnangagwa was poisoned and spent weeks in the hospital receiving treatment so it’s not his first run in with someone trying to end his life. The presidential elections in Zimbabwe will take place July 30 so it seems some people are determined to knock out the competition.

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8 thoughts on “Assassination Attempt On The President Of Zimbabwe

  1. Zimbabwe where the bombs go dud just when they are needed to blow somone’s ass , was well expected .
    That ……Bomb was just too shy of the poverty stricken world of theirs.
    I guess …Zimbabweans farts may be even more louder & intensity filled than these toy bombs .

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