Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Powerlines

Early Wednesday morning a hot air balloon crashed into powerlines in Michigan. The basket immediately caught on fire but the balloon’s pilot managed to steer it away from the lines and landed in a nearby lake. The pilot was taken to the hospital once he landed and is expected to be fine. He was the only person on board.

13 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Crashes Into Powerlines

    • @skelet0r Well….this was a dude and this dude couldn’t even lift his own balloon in time which probably had to do with timing…he hadn’t any. I’m not a big fan of getting hurt other dying so as a woman I learn how to drive or use something more than good enough to avoid either of those two things from happening to me

      Nevermind that parked car I hit ….that doesn’t count

  1. A single fella on such a giant balloon was a colossal waste of pricey propane and then you have him pondering over if those power lines could be used as some clothing lines the next time if passed them over or simply flew by .

  2. There wasn’t any one around and yet ya get to hear someone shouting his lungs out ,”Everybody get somebody””Everybody get somebody”
    Factually that pole wasn’t much delighted the way the Hot Air Balloon guy tried contacting it ……..sitting leisurely the way he did in his basket atleast he should have carried some good conductors of electricity like some copper ,gold or silver wires or a bucket full of water the cheapest of all .
    He better had it used as a condom or there will be a serious penal action taken against him

  3. Who the fuck was shouting get back?? That shit was annoying like slow your role turbo you’re not a fucking super hero.

    I do love how the balloon gained lift after being hit with electricity at full capacity….giggled really that’s a serious Murphy’s law moment

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