Two Men Drown In Niagara River in Buffalo, NY

On Monday, June 25, 2018.. two men drowned in the Niagra River in Buffalo, NY. 29-year-old Mario Guthrie(black guy) was trying to collect drift wood to make furniture while another man, 46-year-old Scott Vater(white guy) held the end of a rope that was attached to Guthrie’s wrist. As Guthrie gets in.. it’s clear he is not comfortable in the water and is not a strong swimmer, and with currents like in the Niagara River, even the most experienced swimmers have trouble. Once he realizes the rope is too short for him to grab a piece of wood he lets go of it and grabs onto the floating wood. Due to the currents the wood slips and spins and Guthrie goes under and panics. Soon after, Vater jumps in to try to help, but because Guthrie is panicking.. he drags him down and he never can get himself above the water after that. They both sink as people all around scream and film yet do nothing to help. But had they helped they more than likely would’ve been pulled under as well. Both bodies were recovered an hour later.

24 thoughts on “Two Men Drown In Niagara River in Buffalo, NY

  1. Unbelievable! Doesn’t anybody wear floaties anymore?
    They may as well retrieve that drift wood and give it to Mario’s family since he lost his life and his friends trying to get that shit.

  2. What a bad luck with so much of wood around … not even a teepoy was made by the duo .
    They must learn skills and the know -how under the Niagara River bed and come out winners I mean the best carpenters
    BTW they both were good buffalo soldiers who drowned each other down

    • No, not at all. It would have been safer to by wood at Home Depot or Lowes. At least they won’t be pulled from the river as “boaters”. Open casket funerals for both of them. It is sad that one of the few harmonious black /white partnerships had to end so badly.

  3. It’s clear that they’re in distress. Couldn’t anyone call 9-11? The black guy was flailing around in the water. He should have just calmed down and floated on his back. The current of the Niagara river at Buffalo (near where the river flows from Lake Erie) isn’t very strong.

    If they’re in the business of retrieving wood from water, they should have brought a long rope, life jackets and a pole with a hook. Retrieving wood from a body of water is can be hazardous. Trying to rescue a frantic person by personally entering the water and grabbing him can, as we saw, result in two deaths.

    I’m not impressed by the black guy commenting on the disaster as it was unfolding and not even calling 9-11. Truly a rotten, heartless ghetto shit.

    • Yeah drownings are usually rough for me to watch. I almost drowned as a child as well. Truly scary shit. It’s too bad these fellas didn’t make it… inhaling water burns.

  4. STUPID STUPID dumb fucks…It’s the goddam Niagra river……all for some fucking wood and he couldn’t even swim???? This is one of the dingiest ways to have died and that fuckers saying you need that I want to punch him in the throat

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