Mexican Man At Border Takes Trump’s New Citizenship Test

Here we have a video of a man, let’s call him “Juan”. He’s being given the new citizenship test instituted by the Trump regime. He gets tripped up on what’s the capital of Louisiana and this is what happens to him. Trump ain’t playin’ games. FYI, it’s Baton Rouge. Oh and I actually don’t know where this is from or have a drop of info on it, but I am more than positive one of you will correct me per usual.

Thanks to Pinky.

28 thoughts on “Mexican Man At Border Takes Trump’s New Citizenship Test

  1. Actually the others were testing his conductivity and the copper wire seemed like the best option available at hand because the SOB was all for cuprum.
    Fear had the best of him making him pee in his lousy trousers

  2. Trump is hands down the best president we’ve had in years. What’s not to like about him, he takes no shit, unlike Obama who embarrassed our nation in front of the world when he let his “old lady” dance on Ellen with his big ass wienner jumping around in those pants, that clip should be on here, fucking horrible, that’s what nightmares are made of. Another thing, Obama was a bottom plus he was said to have cold water enema parties in the Oval office while smoking drugs and eating tiny babies. Obama fucked this country up so bad, that 200 years worth if presidents couldn’t fix it. Obama could have done some great things if he had our best intentions for us but he was worried more about filling his and that big swinging dick linebacker dude he fucks pockets. So instead of making history as the first black president who did something great he will go down in history as the most fucked up asshole in history of the world.

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