Python Swallows Woman Whole In Indonesia

On the evening of Thursday, June 14, 2018.. 54-year-old Nahas hit Wa Tiba was out checking her garden in the Indonesian village of Lohia. When she did not return by Friday morning.. her family and a few locals went to search for her when they came upon a python that could not even move due to his body being so swollen. The locals then figured out where to find the woman. They brought the snake back to the village and split it open.. and that’s where they found her. The snake had swallowed the woman whole, so her body was still intact.

13 thoughts on “Python Swallows Woman Whole In Indonesia

  1. Wow! I know women can swallow whole snakes but now i have seen a snake swallow a whole woman. Will wonders never cease!

    On a serious note this is one of my favourite genres of gore photos. Snakes and crocodiles being gutted and finding eaten people in there.
    Snake juices digest pretty quickly so you can assume that they caught the snake very soon after swallowing her.

    The wailing women are hearbreaking.

  2. Couldn’t they just wait for the snake to shit her out, I mean she was dead anyway and the snake didn’t really have to die.
    I take that back, if it was someone I loved in that snake, I would’ve gone surgical too.

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