Man Suffers Severe Burns After Explosion

Man Suffers Severe Burns After Explosion

A home (at least I assume it’s a home) is on fire with smoke pouring out of it when a man wanders towards it checking things out. I’m not sure if he is the owner or just trying to help but as soon as he gets close to it an explosion takes place inside and flames shoot out of the building and he’s directly hit. He’s able to run away across the street but the damage is done with that quick blast of fire. His face and right arm are covered in ash. His arm, which he probably used to protect his face, suffered the most with the skin blistered, bleeding and peeling off. His shirt is melted in the back where the full force probably hit. It’s amazing how quick our reflexes can be, he was facing that fire and the explosion came without any warning yet his body was able to move quick enough to avoid major injury to his face. I’m sure next time he’ll stay far far away from any burning buildings.

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12 thoughts on “Man Suffers Severe Burns After Explosion

  1. WTF he went doing near that blaze ?. I don’t think anybody but only a fool would dare go near.
    Had he stayed where he already was when the smoke began to billow he wouldn’t have suffered those burn injuries .
    Anyway his luck held otherwise he would have been blown to kingdom come.

  2. Jumping Jehosafat – Look at him just standing there like all his skin isn’t peeling off and he didn’t just nearly die in an explosion. Which he still could do if he doesn’t get to a hospital fairly quickly. Infection is the main killer of people when their skin burns off. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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