Man Sets Himself On Fire In Front Of Women


No info about this at all except that it happened in India. I’m sure it was over something he was protesting against but I have no idea what. He is standing around a bunch of women who I’m assuming are relatives, and they seem to be arguing with someone when he douses himself with kerosene and sets himself on fire. His entire body is immediately engulfed in flames. I think it’s safe to say he probably died from his injuries. If not, I bet he wished he would’ve.

Thanks to Pinky!

16 thoughts on “Man Sets Himself On Fire In Front Of Women

  1. He can’t be your baby daddy! He’s my baby daddy! Your baby daddy? He’s my baby daddy! No, he can’t be the baby daddy for either of you two, because he’s MY husband!….
    Seeing the jig is up, lights himself on fire.

  2. Instead of being of any help in dousing the fire you see the idiot coolly ducking away from flames to save his skin and the scooter .
    For the man who immolated himself to protest for something his inning seems to have ended in a coffin for sure.

  3. So i see three women discussing about men:

    – “Amid is sexier, he has a body like a greek sculpture…”
    – “Nah, Pajeet is way hotter, have you seen that jawline?”
    – “Meh, Kamal’s muscles is all i go for.”

    The man listining to that blabber got enough of it… he grabbed his bottle of gasoline and yells:


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