Cartel Beheads Terrified Man

Cartel Beheads Terrified Man

I’ve seen a lot of beheadings and it amazes me how many times the victim, while probably terrified, doesn’t put up any fight for their life. Whether it’s from shock or acceptance many of them seem to have a calmness about them. Maybe not necessarily staring death in the face without fear but perhaps a realization that their life is coming to an end and they can’t stop it. Still, I don’t know why more don’t cry out or try to stop their death even if it is inevitable. This guy actually does try to fight what little he can with his hands tied behind his back. He’s clearly scared shitless and tries to escape the blade even tucking his chin into his neck in the hopes of avoiding his throat being sliced open. He of course loses in the end and the killer starts sawing away and we only hear a few gurgles then blood splashing onto the ground. He’s flipped over and blood shoots out while the man hacks away at his neck. The video cuts short before they finish the job but at least the guy wasn’t hacked up before he was killed as we’ve seen recently.

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  1. I may have a partial explanation for why some don’t fight. Some of them probably are told that they will kill their family members too. Maybe they even have some family member hostage, and make it crystal clear that their death is next. Those fuckers don’t give a shit about anyone, and a death threat from them is certainly credible. That or something similar has GOT to be in the cards for them.

    I remember thinking about the same thing you described once. Why do they cooperate with sicarios who are most likely about to kill them instead of putting up a fight? And thinking that “if it were ME in that situation, before they even got me anywhere near some abandoned farm house in the middle of nowhere, I would be fighting. They would have to kill me wherever they kidnapped me. I aint getting in that car or van or whatever with a group of masked, ruthless killers knowing the inevitable result. I just aint doin that!”

    Then I come to realize that I’m sure that almost every single person kidnapped and slaughtered by them probably thought the same thing I did. So I actually sat and thought about what I would have to be faced with to coerce me into cooperating. And those thoughts took me right to my family. My children, wife, parents. I would have to just do it for them. Especially if they were just regular civilians who never were involved in that life. If I made the choice to swim in that water with those sharks, then I would just have to accept my fate. Because if they killed my family over my own selfishness and greed, I’d either end up killing myself out of grief or be killed going after those who killed my family. And either way, the outcome would have been that people who I love perished because of my bullshit. Couldn’t live with that.

    I don’t know, I might be over thinking this whole conundrum. But that’s the only thing I can see me ever just allowing myself to be slaughtered for.


  2. @ipconfig well what ya have conjectured seems to make a perfect sense .I suppose for the victim there lies no option but to meekly accept what’s coming. And since they themselves wade those dirty waters they might as well know that any day could be their last.
    Speaking of their families some even might not know or may not have any inkling as to who amongst the family is involved in what kinda dirty deeds. Cartels earmark the families when one of the new recruits joins and given a certain oath of allegiance which may be paraphrased about the vicious outcome which certainly always is the harshest most incase there is a breach.
    Their world is devoid of emotions ,any remorse or feelings so when one of their own or the one from the rival gang is nabbed death is what the victim has to embrace.
    Either its them or their families otherwise .

    • @hopingfornemesis
      This reminded me of something one of my friends who was basically the organizer of the group of drug dealers I did business with once told me.

      One day I was at his house, waiting for a package to show up. We were just passing the time, at his pidgeon coupe, watching his birds do tricks in the back yard . He asked me if I wanted to kinda cut out the middle man and go directly to his source. I was all for it until he told me one of the requirements. I had to be “vetted”, and give them the names and addresses of my family in California. So as to have a bit of insurance in case I for some reason became a rat. They would front me kilos of dope instead of my needing to buy them up front. Now I was all for meeting up with these Mexicans until I heard that part of the pitch. Not because I was or would ever cooperate and snitch on people, but because business can go bad over shit that has NOTHING to do with snitching. What if I was busted with their load and they wanted money I simply didn’t have? What if I was robbed or shot or somehow incapacitated in a car accident or whatever? Those people are gonna want their money no matter the weather or circumstances. Too many “what if” type scenarios went through my mind in a flash for me to agree to that.

      Because like Blucon said, my family had NO idea I was doing what I was doing. I had a son from a previous relationship at the time and this was right around the time I first met my wife. They wanted names, addresses, pictures, and would “contact” me to let me know if everything was cool. I also came to realize that this had to be the relationship my boy had with these people, and he must have been kinda getting cold feet if he was willing to forego his usual fee to let me directly connect with them. I respectfully DECLINED the offer, and continued to buy my dope UP FRONT with my OWN MONEY. So if something went bad, there was no debt to be paid, and nobody else safety or money was affected. I passed up hundreds of thousands of dollars on that decision, and it was probably one of the SMARTEST decisions I made while I was being an idiot in the dope game.

      That friend of mine was someone I looked up to. He taught me a lot and was well respected by many. He was an true OG. He was a quiet guy but he had crazy cash. I was greedy yes, but I wasn’t totally stupid. Because I eventually DID get caught, and spent a LOT of time in prison. But at least it was my OWN money that was at stake because I would have probably been getting some sad letters in prison informing me that relative after relative was killed. Along with the fact that I probably would have been targeted in prison or killed shortly after I got out. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!

      BTW, he is dead now himself. He recently passed from a heart attack while living in Vegas. He had just finished doing ten years in the Feds as well, and was only out about a year when he died.

      So yeah, there’s that lol, hope that provides some perspective into my own experience and cursory knowledge of how Cartels work.

      • @ipconfig … thanks for letting us know the inside story . In my opinion although you went digging in to your deep pockets and were hooked on to drugs but were wise enough not to make any disclosures to do with names, addresses, & pictures,of your own folks and you just made it by the skin of your teeth in
        the nick of time cause theirs is a horrendous circle ; where once caught its hard to escape . I hope you are clean now and staying well off the dirty substance .
        Best regards

        • I’ve made so many crazy and foolish decisions in my life, I sometimes sit back and consider how lucky I am. I literally have probably had my life in the chipper probably more times than I can count. I could have been dead long ago, or doing life in prison. The dope game isn’t kind to anyone. I am truly fortunate not to have killed or be killed. As I have seen with many others. Friends I knew as a teenager being murdered over that shit, and people I looked up to getting very long sentences as well. I appreciate life so much now. I thought I would be dead sometime in my 20’s and just didn’t care. Things are so much better because now I have a wonderful friend and partner in my wife who gave me two awesome children. I am truly blessed. Instead of being featured on this lovely site with my own death. At least I would be critiqued by some of the best people in the world!!

        • Lol yeah, sometimes I have a lot to say. Just like to educate people on how real shit gets and how easy it is to be featured here. Not like any of you need that kind of education, but maybe somebody new or uninitiated will learn something.

  3. Loved this video! When they flip him over the way the light hit his neck and the blood spurting out! Great vid! And to @ip, great story. This is one of my favorites from the video to everyones posts! Great job….sigh…I fuckin’ LOVE RGM!!

  4. Wtf!!! It’s a gore site, do they expect us to happen to come across a Blues clues or a Mister Roger’s Neighborhood “”””on a gore site!!!”'”” Or did I miss something? Gore sites is usually filled with gore not kitty cats and puppy dogs ( from Otis Driftwood, house of 1000 corpses ) “”IT’S A GORE SITE!!!!””” NOT Disney Channel! !

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