Lovecraftian Horror Washes Up On Beach

The Deep Ones are real! An Eldritch Abomination has been discovered on a beach, we have seen the eclipse of our time as humans!

Ahem. Sorry, I honestly don’t know what the hell this thing is or was. I’m not even sure if it is actually real. But some bloated, misshapen lump resembling a severely deformed fetus crossed with Jabba the Hutt was found and then subjected to some sciebtific poking and proding with a stick by the kids who happened upon it. I’m completely lost here. Give me your impressions, guys.

And thanks, Pinky… bleh.

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33 thoughts on “Lovecraftian Horror Washes Up On Beach

  1. I am just about caught up in the midst of drake equation . This ET life washed up ashore is an
    intelligent one from a galactical whore with wings snipped off for sure
    but cries out for being brought and shown as a subject of gore .
    “Waa” “Waa” “Waa” “Waa”👶👶👶👶

  2. This is DEFINITELY one of those instances that when you go to visit a family or friends baby (obviously not YOUR OWN) on trash ridden shore of a third world country and the thing is fucking ugly-looking as most babies are (except your own of course!) but you HAVE to say something nice to the parent(s). After the formalities and niceties of: “oh I hear vaginas nearly always return to their regular shape and size after shitting a 40 pound (monster) through it! It will only be a few months (hopefully!) of the feeling like a pickle is being thrown down a hallway!”
    It’s time to change the subject to the …ummmm… new baby (monster)!!!
    But where oh where to begin? The lovely full, Cupid’s bow “lips” and the especially endearing and cheeky way its sticking out (with help from a large branch) its tongue? Or the cute, little button nose (or tiny upside ass?) in the center of its face? Or soon you’ll see it has beautiful blue eyes (well when you can find them that is)? And don’t forget the chubby (bloated) cheeks, that scream pinch me (or poke me with a stick!) And the sweet and kind way the doctor circumcised his…arm…both arms? And finally, the adorable (forceps squished) unicorn head!!! We ALL wanna be 🦄!!! 🤣

  3. Sorry!!! That post was a LOT shorter in my head!!! 🤣🤣🤣
    For some reason – probably because I’ve seen a few ugly babies in my life, this came really easy to me and I really got into it – I can’t stand every mother thinking their kid is beautiful and shits ice cream 🍨 🍦!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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