Pretty Girl With Blue Hair Jumps Off Tower

On June 4th in Brazil.. a pretty blue hair girl climbed a tower on the campus of the University of Brasilia where she was attending college and ended her life by jumping off. The young girl’s name was Leticia Silva Lisboa aka Elly. I don’t know her age but I would assume around 19 or 20. Firefighters tried to talk her out of it but she was clearly determined. People around her knew she was depressed and said that Elly had talked about suicide on several occasions.

Elly’s last journal entry:
“You will not meet at university. You will not finally have friends. Your emptiness does not go away. Everything will be the same, it will be the same, only in another environment and with other obligations. You can go to Japan, that nothing will change. You can not escape yourself.”

Thanks to @mrspink.

17 thoughts on “Pretty Girl With Blue Hair Jumps Off Tower

  1. This video kept me waiting on the edge but past .32 secs it became clear someone really leapt out to death . A friend of hers must have alerted the fire brigade in time but to no avail and the girl felt her soul from Brazil finally must reach out to the land of Nippons the land of never setting suns ….. to the place she actually belonged .日本はここに来る💃 bye bye Josei (女性)
    She looks more of a japanese than a brazilian by her looks …me thinks

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