Man Has A Penis Finger

Man Has A Penis Finger

This guy’s taking finger banging to a whole new level. While it’s not a real dick that finger could be in the porn industry. I have no idea what they’re saying in the video as to what happened but I feel this goes beyond swelling from smashing your finger. Perhaps some weird condition he suffers from but I think he’s got quite the pick up line with that one…”if you like my finger just wait until you see what’s in my pants”. I doubt his actual dick lives up to that monster of a finger but maybe it works on the ladies anyway. He probably can’t even put his hands in his pockets without looking like he’s got a boner. He’s gotta do something about that nasty nail though because that’s dirty looking as fuck. That finger could come in handy during my road rage episodes but that’s it because I’m a classy lady

Thank you to our pervy Pinky!

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14 thoughts on “Man Has A Penis Finger

  1. Blessed is he; as he’s got alternate means to please his women. He can put both to good use on any given day by shoving finger in their pussies , butts or vice versa.
    That finger tip looks quite exactly like a frenulum and must match what he’s got within his pants.
    BTW He will have to file that nail and smoothen it up before it goes in for a penetration.😁 πŸ˜‚ ☺ πŸ˜„
    So much for having two dicks in the pants and another one on the hand

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