Guy Brutally Dismembered Alive

We haven’t had a really brutal video in awhile but again.. Mexico always comes through for us. Video shows a man being dismembered while he is very much alive and aware. First to go are the feet. Then one arm. By the time they get to the second arm the man is barely alive and begins to make snoring noises which means he is near death. It’s summer.. the cartels’ busiest season, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more soon.

Thanks to Pinky!

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18 thoughts on “Guy Brutally Dismembered Alive

    • Agree that it was tough to watch. But watch I did. Poor sap. Wonder what offense garners a dismemberment while alive. I suppose that the use of tourniquets applied to his extremities would’ve allowed for him to be kept alive for the duration and perhaps even kept as a sort of prize. Ala “Boxing Helena” a movie in which a mental surgeon decides to assist the woman of his dreams into an assisted living situation.

  1. As far as the gang wars , murders & bloodbaths go both Mexico & Brazil keep vying for the top most
    spot . Two of these countries have the populace of sadistic hounds who want to stop at nothing……….its just the aimless ,meaningless purpose less ugly pursuit of living their stinking lives …. that’s all it is .

    He got butchered like a boar . I wonder what did he do , that had them boil with so much brutality . At least the vultures dogs and the crows will have a feast for a day or two. Hyenas and Jackals 😻 😿 😼 🙀 too are included who wouldn’t be far behind

  2. Nice to see them not beheading the victim first, but I’m feeling cheated. I like when they cut off the victim’s penis and balls first, giving them away as trophies to someone in the crowd. I like the humiliation and loss of manhood as a mindfuck to start things off. Then the hands and feet, arms and legs, etc.

  3. Sick fucks! The narrator gives me the shits, dumb-sounding;probably has overlong arms like a gibbon and drools too!

    Do you like how the chopper takes his orders from the narrator and needs a rest? He tags his buddy who needs to come and finish the butchering.

    Some people honestly do need a good killing and i’m not referring to the victim .

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