Doctor Pulls Leech Out Of Man’s Nose

Okay, what the eff. I have no idea how this happened and I cannot even imagine how a man ends up with a leech up his nose. Apparently, the man was having really bad nosebleeds which led to the doctor finding out he had a big leech taking up residence in there. While looking for info about this vid.. I found quite a few stories of leeches being found in people’s noses, so it’s not as rare as you’d think.

26 thoughts on “Doctor Pulls Leech Out Of Man’s Nose

  1. Nah… No fuckin’ way. I woulda had my finger buried up my nose as fucking far as it took to dig that fucking slimy buger outta there. It might of been all mushed up by the time I got it all out, but it would’ve been out as soon as I knew it was in there. I don’t fuck around with strange, slimy shit in my nose that shouldn’t be there.

  2. If he did not feel that thing moving up his nose, then they should be checking his Arsehole, as he could have a 4 foot eel up it.

    But I still don’t get it,,, as These Dirty Chinese always have their fingers up their fucking noses, eating whatever comes-out, so I’m surprised that this leech did not end up as a snack, long ago, No???.

  3. It happens more than anyone can imagine. Leeches are insidious and you can have them anywhere at anytime and not even feel them there. Illinois rivers were full of them and I had one in my ear…. Not in the canal but right there and had no idea until later on in the evening when my sister spotted it. Terrified of leeches still to this day plus the 80’s horror movie added to it

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