Thai Guy Shoots His Girlfriend

On June 2, 2018.. a 26-year-old man named Pakphong Chitarom followed his girlfriend, 21-year-old Natcharee Yayakakij to a park in Salaya, Thailand just to shoot her dead. Apparently, the girl told Chitarom that she wanted to break up and that did not go over too well with him. After shooting the girl he sat down beside her for a few minutes and then shot himself in the neck but he failed at killing himself(not on video). He survived and even confessed to the murder of Natcharee.

10 thoughts on “Thai Guy Shoots His Girlfriend

  1. If you forget about the shooting, that would look pretty romantic, sitting by her side, being like “I am here for you” and shit

    • Wouldn’t have done a lick of good.
      He went into full blown stalker mode.
      In the likes of Mark David Chapman.
      Her only hope was to run and hide.
      He did all like pantera’s this love.
      “I’ll kill myself for you, I’ll kill you for myself.”

  2. Pakphong Chitarom, what fucking tongue twister of a name that is to begin with.
    Initially I thought it to be some kind of an intercontinental dish ..turns out this was a man a jilted
    love lorn thailandish brainless scrooge .
    First he kills her then feels sorry & regrets and pulls out the trigger to kill his own self but fails and admits to the crime committed . The other chick disappeared in to thin air fearing her own life .

  3. I always wonder if there are red flags before an event like this occurs. I guess if someone really wants you dead they’ll find a way.

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