Man Gets Crushed Under Sheetrock At Work

A man was seriously injured while he and his co-workers were trying to move a ton of sheetrock. I don’t know what they were doing.. especially thinking they were gonna be able to hold all that on their own. One piece too many gets added and the two guys can no longer hold it up and it comes crashing down right on top of one of the men. It causes his head to bash into something pretty hard, along with crushing his body. His co-workers try to help him for about 4 seconds and then they look all “Well, we can’t get you out, so it was nice knowin ya, bro. Peace out.” The man did eventually get out though.. he had two broken legs, a broken arm, several broken ribs and a concussion. I hope your country has workers’ comp, buddy.

48 thoughts on “Man Gets Crushed Under Sheetrock At Work

  1. “Here, hold this shit for me… I lost a quarter down in back of this shit a month ago.” “Oh shit, sorry. Here, let me help you. I’ll use this one little piece of sheetrock to lift these 20 full pieces off of you…Ok…Wow, let me think on it for awhile.”

  2. One piece too many to handle .I wonder if the two of the dumbfucks thought they could beat the superman.
    It got started nicely first and then the dude flipping and the one holding them thought hey its nothing man just some flat weightless fucking roofing sheets .
    Then came the disaster ……….it was funny how pinned down fella was being rescued by another arsehole who like a donkey kept shoving in some wooden panels trying to lift the whole lot up. 😡 πŸ’

    • Ellen by the look of things it appears all three of them were sozzled & foolish enough to think the roofing sheets they were to shift are the cardboard ones and not the ones made out of cement. There was this dumb fucker who moved his cheeky ass a little but did nothing much. πŸ˜–
      They never expected the unexpected .😰

      • @blucon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the one fuck sorting through them thought that taking his one hand to stop them from falling was a fucktastic plan! I used to do interior construction so I know how heavy each of those panels are and I just sat in awe smh …. Fucking brilliant stupid twats

        @ladywicked666 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh yeah! There were even stupid fucks looking at them through the security cameras. They oh shitted in Spanish as the panels fell….real nice work there muchachos

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