Two Men Drown In China And Receive CPR Too Late

This whole video just throws me off. Two unconscious men are being pulled from the water, but it seems like no one is in any hurry. They’re being pulled in like they’re giant floaties being put up for the day. Then.. when they are out of the water everybody just stands around staring at them until one woman finally starts CPR on one of the guys. People just stare at the second guy. Someone is crying over him.. probably a relative and definitely an idiot. You see someone else performing CPR two feet from you.. how about you follow everything she is doing instead of just sitting there wailing. Finally other people step in and start performing CPR on the other young guy but I’m afraid it was far too late for either of them.

47 thoughts on “Two Men Drown In China And Receive CPR Too Late

  1. Top notch instructional video of the 2018 BLS Guidelines :
    1. Go pee. They did this in the river.
    2. Finish your cigarette.
    3. Consider if that tall plant nearby might be marijuana.
    4. Sit the patient up to see if he’s faking it.
    5. Rub his right shoulder and tummy.
    6. Restrain bystanders from doing anything useful.
    7. Cry like a bitch.
    8. Call the coroner. ‘Nuther dead one here!

  2. There first guy looked like he was in the first stages of rigormortis and as I keep looking these aren’t adults but young teenage boys. The people standing around him trying to do CPR don’t have any idea wtf they’re doing ….. I mean come the fuck on what’s with the fucking hesitations?

    These fucks didn’t even bother to keep their heads above water as they were dragging them in and they expected CPR to somehow magically bring them back to life?

    Fucking ridiculous

  3. Wow,wtf did i just watch? Are they all on black or something..slowass motherfuckers! I thought i was gonna die from old age,before they figured out to try and perform cpr..and wtf was old boy doing,rubbing on chink#2?..a genie isn’t gonna come popping outta his mouth,he’s not a Buddha,so leave the belly alone,and he’s a little too dead to enjoy you trying to rub one out for him dude..smfh…..dumb..

      • @trustme long before they could be resuscitated both had their living daylights gone.
        Beside these chinks always prove to be the best bystanders .doing nothing with their hands folded …either awestruck or saying what the fuck but never in a state of panic.

        • Communist countries breed stupidity and inaction in their brain dead people. Someone else is always responsible…Even if you are the one responsible… Or even the family member. Never have a self motivated idea or thought… Big trouble to think for oneself. Performing CPR on someone who has a need for it has to be brought before the Committee on CPR before being approved for use in the field. That’s why the Communists have had to steal almost everything that brings civilization to them.

          • Asians and hindus and dindus my man.
            All are equally good bystanders.
            Suffering from the byestander effect.
            And yes I did spell that b-y-e-
            Cause if you ever need CPR.
            And any one of those three are there.
            You might as well kiss your butt good bye.

  4. It was a little weird how there was no sense of urgency or emergency there. Do you think that maybe there’s always a couple of jokesters at the Chin family reunion who pretend drown for attention? So when they see somebody floating around, it’s like “oh, there’s Dong, pulling our leg again!” So this time they weren’t immediately concerned when Ding joined in on the prank until they realized that maybe it wasn’t a prank after all? That perhaps Ding & Dong really didn’t know how to swim when they threw them in? Just a thought…

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