Girl With The Unfinished Dragon Tattoo

A girl with an unfinished dragon tattoo was found shot to death in an area known as Colônia Japanesa. Looks like she’s trying to catch the blood running from her head into her hands. A casing was also found at the scene but so far no suspects and no motive.

Thanks, Pinky!

32 thoughts on “Girl With The Unfinished Dragon Tattoo

  1. She looked to be eff’able.
    Must have been a stuck up B.
    And got treated as such.
    I despise stuck up people.
    Though like coughing in their faces.
    Making it look like an accident.
    When they try giving attitude.

    That’s Italian style.
    Bada bing back of the skull.
    Like that scene from Casino.Where that guy’s killed with silencers.

  2. For those that love history , you will know Brazil has a Japanese community that has been there for over one hundred years.
    By the name of the town this was one of the original colonial settlements built by them .
    Brazil’s latest football star with tan and bleached-streak mophead is part Japanese.

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