Dumbass Sets His Face On Fire

Dumbass of the Week goes toooooo… this guy! This is supposedly from Africa but I have a hard time believing that. I don’t know what the hell this dummy is trying to do, light his shirt that’s wrapped around his arm on fire, I guess? I don’t know, he’s attempting to do some fire breathing action too.. but it goes horribly wrong when his face catches on fire. He panics and does a little jig then puts out the fire. He’ll live.. for now.

43 thoughts on “Dumbass Sets His Face On Fire

  1. His bud should have acted in splashing more of the fuel the crew cut dullard was trying to spew out and
    play a fool and seen him turning a charred up stupid .
    Afterall dolts are dolts and there is no telling what other stunt they might pull out the next over .

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