Three Friends Drown While Swimming In India

Well.. it’s that time of year again. Drowning time. Three friends.. 28-year-old Chetan Khatik, 22-year-old Sudarshan Chandel, and 27-year-old Radheyshyam Khatik, were on a biking trip in India when they stopped at a pond to cool off. They set a camera up before getting into the water as they were documenting their entire trip. None of the three knew how to swim but thought the water was shallow enough for them just to cool down in. One of the guys gets a little too far out and starts panicking and drowning, so the other two try to save him and they also end up struggling to stay above water. After a little over a minute of fighting all three are underwater and never come back up. Their bodies were found later that day by locals.

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  1. Looks fugazi to me… why were they filming though? 😐 But they are indian, so chances are this was true… If is there are 3 characteristics about them is that they only shit in designated shitting streets, love trains, and cant swim… 😆

      • @pogo So it says but this still raises some concerns for me in my head. It all seemed really impossible…..on a few steps….but I don’t know.. They could’ve floated and I didn’t understand how one started to thrash right after getting into the water then the other two followed suit right after that. Normal people able or not able to swim would still have managed to hold onto that rock no matter how slick the rock is….just a weird weird highly improbable scenario

        Edited: I think they all forced each other to drown via group panicking.

        I was swimming before I could walk no shit. I’m a very strong swimmer so I’m probably being a bit biased

  2. If an infant has an innate instinct to “paddle” and sort of swim when thrown into a pool (saw it on TV!), I’m sure adult men can flail their arms to make them go a certain way to safety. If this is real, then these three are fucking idiots. The first one to drown is the biggest dumbass. The other two could have saved him but he kept freaking out, flailing around like a retard and was probably kicking around which dragged all three away from the shore. What a piece of shit.

  3. Clearly, the Patel’s little biking trip didn’t go swimmingly!!! 🤣
    Was I the only one screaming at the screen “just reach 2 damn inches to your right!!!”?! I have to think that even if you’ve never SEEN water in your life, if you somehow end up in it, isn’t it almost instinctual to do a doggie paddle, something?! But I guess if people can drown in bathtubs, anything is possible!!!

  4. We have an x-ray machine so old that when it breaks, it’s down for 3 weeks while they order parts. The parts are made in India. Now these parts will take 6 weeks while they train the new Kumar Singh in this trade.

    Dogs have an instinct to doggy paddle. Guess my Terrier is smarter than an Indian. Smells better too.

  5. Haha ……… now the lake feels highly satiated after gulping three of the most halfwit clowns. Expect idiots to take to the waters knowing nothing about how to float or swim . Even a little toddler could have had swam his way across such a little water body so very shallow more like a water tub at home.
    Anyway the three can rest and keep piddling underwater.

    • You would be surprised. It is the panic that kills them. If they calmed down they would survive but even dog- paddle needs to be taught to you!
      Here ,the gov has cut back on mandatory swimming lessons for all primary school age kids. Already ,the drowning stats are skyrocketting. Even native born people under a certain age ie twenty five etc are drowning because mandatory swimming lessons were allowed to drop off slowly by neoliberal govs.


  6. I just knew how to swim.
    Well doggy paddle at first.
    Can’t imagine not knowing how.
    Water would be scary as Hell.
    Knowin each swim may be my last.
    There’s something about drowning.
    The aquatic spandau ballet.
    That I find fascinating.

    Man those guys seemed like homos.

  7. A few years ago when I was twenty seven I was on a river rafting trip with a large-ish group of people many of whom had done this before and there were several qualified life guards amongst the group as it just so happened to be. Any way after the first long day of rafting we set up camp across from a rock cliff right where the river made a tight turn to the right before an immediate turn to the left kinda like a curved zig-zag and then we decided to do some cliff diving just up river and above the rapids that ended in these tight bends in the river I just mentioned. We walked for the jump spot and after several jumps several of us decided to float the rapids with our life vests on of course. I was too tired to hike back and with two life guards hit the rapids. I got pulled to the far side of the river and couldn’t make it to the side of the river I needed to be on before reaching the end of the rapids. Next thing I knew I was pulled underwater by the whirlpool that was formed by the eddy that the river hollowed out under the cliff. I was down there for sometime before I realized that I was drowning while I was spinning around and around. Looking up I could see the sunlight flashing as I went under the cliff ledge and out again. I had been breathing water for several cycles of breathing and knew I had one last chance to surface and with my all kicked and struggled and broke the surface and caught the under water ledge and a very tough clump of grass. I felt the river pulling me back under and somehow was able to pull myself out of the water. – more story but point is that I was under water for maybe only a minute or so but when your lungs are filled with water you only have a few seconds to get out and get your lungs to drain the water or you die. You can even die after getting out of the water if you don’t get the water out of your lungs soon after. That’s know as inland drowning and it almost happened to me that day. My life was spared twice on the same day. This video looks real to me. Also drowning aside from the terror of knowing you are about to die ultimately it was rather peaceful and I didn’t feel any pain not until I had to cough that water up from my lungs and vomit it up from my stomach.

    • Thank God you survived Catoo. I haveheard that drowning is quite peaceful. I was caught in a rip in the ocean and i was at peace with the world and only metres from my loved -ones!

      What i say now will be at odds with what i have said above but maybe their lungs did fill with water as you say ;very quickly!

      • It doesn’t take long and once full it does just all go out when you exhale. It’s a slower than one would like process. Once you think all is good I highly recommend doing some strenuous activity like climbing several flights of stairs for 15-30 minutes and get moving and breathing cuz you gotta cough up that water deep down in the bottom part of the lungs to clear it out with deep breaths otherwise the stagnant water could lead to pneumonia.

    • No didn’t lose conciousness though was very sleepy and can see how that feeling could lead to losing it though. Using that clump of long bladed grass to reestablish contact with the dry land I was able to pull myself out of the river where I came face to mere inches away from a very large nest/hive of bees or hornets. I remember thinking and communicating with these potentially swarming winged stingers and I believe they understood my plight as they gave me a pass that day. I excused myself and spoke of no ill will intended only seeking safe passage through their space as I was in mid situation and didn’t want to worsen the odds. I was soon able to climb onto the roughly 8” wide ledge that was the rivers edge at this place along the river. Some other group of rafters eventually came by,stopped and gave me lift to the other side. A couple on the raft said that the woman had herself just the day prior nearly drowned where I almost did.

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