Nurse Is Stabbed By Random Weirdo

On Thursday, May 17, 2018.. a Filipino nurse working in Saudi Arabia was stabbed by a random weirdo who wandered into the hospital. I’m not sure if he was a patient or the family member of a patient or just some guy in a stupid looking dress and a rag on his head. He walks up to the male nurse and starts stabbing away for no reason. It looks like he may have hit an artery.. which would explain why the nurse is bleeding so profusely. What the F was a Filipino doing in Saudi Arabia? And why would anyone willingly go to Saudi Arabia?🤷🏻‍♀️

UPDATE: I updated this post with postmortem photos.

16 thoughts on “Nurse Is Stabbed By Random Weirdo

  1. To answer the Filipino question, my brother in law worked there for awhile in the oil biz. Says Saudi Arabia is a giant welfare state full of the laziest men in the world, and women aren’t allowed to do much. So…they are totally reliant on foreign workers whose pay is subsidized by the government. Says you rarely see an actual Saudi doing any work there. The reason people go there is because being a de facto but well-paid indentured servant there is better than being unemployed in the mother country.

    My question is why do we use an F for Filipino but PH for Philippines?

    • A lot of it is as you say rey. Yet i also believe the guy feared for his life. Non- saudis especially non-whites have no rights whatsoever in Saud! If he tries to hit back he would probably be jailed and bashed within an inch of his life and may find his head chopped off in a public execution.

      The sauds are hated by everyone ,even fellow Sunni Moslem funadamentalist countries like Indonesia. I can not stand them and hate how America keeps giving them Hall-passes.

      The day Saudo arabia falls just let the millions of indians ,pakistanis and filipinos cut them up with knives. There are years worth of abuse and slights to avenge!! Haha!

  2. Maybe because he is a male nurse? Working in a hospital, I’ve been tempted to shank a bitch in my day. Never followed through. Conscience and all…

    Speaking of which @yournextexgirl did you try the Wild Naked Chicken Chalupa? I feel guilty this is day 3. I guess by Monday me and Meghan Markle’s dad will have something in common. #stentlife

    • I’ve been there. It’s really not that bad. If anything, it’s boring.

      Millions of 3rd world people (and 1000’s of Westerners) go to Saudi Arabia to made lots of money. There’s more money to be made in Saudi Arabia than in Philippines or India.

  3. Man-O-Man,,, that fucking retard was on a mission. And good point at @nextie what the fuck is he doing in that shit-hole Country to begin with? Can he not get a job in a safer country? I wouldn’t get a job working in the Middle East “Ever”, no matter how much the salary was.

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