Man Shot In The Back Of The Head By Hitman

On May 15, 2018 in Brazil.. a hired hitman casually walked up to a man fixing a tire on his bike and shot him in the back of the head. The victim never even saw it coming. Don’t know the reason why the victim was killed. This is my worst fear. Dying and never seeing it coming. Would you guys rather die this way or know you’re going to die and have time whether it be minutes or months?

23 thoughts on “Man Shot In The Back Of The Head By Hitman

  1. I believe I’m not going to die like that man there. Websites such as this have caused me to prioritize awareness. I think I’m going to die from organ failure because of my diet sometime during the next generation or so. My homemade pastrami is just too damn good (see also chocolate)!

  2. I’d rather not know the exact time I’d die, but if some crazy but honest, heavy jewry wearing, ancient looking, gypsy fortune teller lady could tell me exactly when, then I’d just have to hope it was enough time for me to write up a will and get everything taken care of first.
    Give me just a month please. πŸ™

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