Guy Trips And Falls Down Small Waterfall

Okay.. did he really just try to slide down a waterfall? Hopefully his clumsy ass just tripped and slipped down. In any case, dude hit the ground pretty hard. No info on what his injuries were but I’m sure he had a few. Did he not learn anything from TLC? Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls.🙄

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18 thoughts on “Guy Trips And Falls Down Small Waterfall

  1. Too many retards. Reminds me of a time i was up in the Northern Territory in Aus on vacation. There were just these kinds of waterfalls up there but way more fast,flatter and shallower.

    I was swimming around and Some Aboriginals started laughing at me good-naturedly like “white man cant jump style”. They didnt know i was a gun swimmer. Anyway i went downslope in the waterfall on my back and nearly slipped off just like this. They then tried it and two of them nearly drowned and went over. I was a swimmer thy were dsert land based reservation kids not used to lots of water.We then chilled and enjoyed the moment. I was younger ,stronger and stupid then. Now i am just stupid!

    This fool probably slid down on algae that grows in wet areas like this or just does not know how powerful running water can be. It is deadly even at below knee height!! I can tell you with jeans on he would have drowned in my waterfall in knee-high water! Sodden jeans will weigh you under in no time at all !

  2. Almost certainly severely injured or dead. He landed on feet vertically from a height. Smashed femurs,broken pelvis ,broken spine,internal bleeding into abdomen. Bad ,Bad ,Bad.

    Oh!! Urethra avulsion, likely become impotent and need permanent catheterisation to pee. Nurses and docs please correct me if i am wrong.

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