Woman Slings Shit At Tim Hortons Employees

If you don’t know what Tim Horton’s is.. it’s a Canadian thing. It’s like the Canadian version of Dunkin Donuts.. just fancier. So anywho.. a crazy woman entered a Tim Horton’s in Langley, British Columbia, Canada needing to use the bathroom. She asked the employees where the bathroom was and they told her that their bathroom was for employees only. She tried explaining that it was an emergency and begged them to let her go in. They repeatedly said no, so this crazy bitch goes nuts, grabs some napkins, pulls down her pants, pops a squats and takes a shit all over the floor.

Okay, I half understand this. If you have a bathroom and I need to poop and you refuse to let me, well, whatever happens from there is your problem. When you gotta go.. you gotta go. But this nasty ass picks up her shit and flings it at the employees, wipes her ass and throws the napkins at them too. Just shitting on the floor wasn’t enough, she had to throw it at them like a damn gorilla at a zoo. At least she wiped her ass, unlike the Chinese public poopers.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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48 thoughts on “Woman Slings Shit At Tim Hortons Employees

    • I call bullshit. All Tim Horton’s outlets have customer toilets. Most Tim’s are open 24 hours. They are a favourite hangout of drug addicts and vagrants. This woman would have access to a toilet. I think she was pissed off at the customer service.

      • @labarang
        It’s possible that the public restrooms were already in use and she wanted to use the employees restroom because she couldn’t wait.
        She could also be a very well known that nobody would want to let use their toilet.

        • I actually work at a very popular freeway roadside gas station and I swear to God I spend most of my time telling people where the damn bathroom is…. So when I get sick of it I just tell people either someone stole the key or it’s out of order I like my bathroom nice and clean, sometimes.. I want to keep it that way… I don’t know maybe it’s just a personal choice…. Outside to the left second door and you’re going to need this key which happens to be on a two and a half foot long threaded stick… We’ve had our bathroom key stolen so many times it’s fucking ridiculous… I ain’t the bathroom fairy so don’t expect me to feel bad because you can’t find a place to take a shit,..NEXT !!!

      • Dayammm, that brown snake was at the door. Use of restrooms by non customers was just in the news. Starbucks changed their policy on restroom use recently because an arrest of a ‘trespasser” was in the news. That is really shitty for a shop not to let someone use the restroom, they could have been a past customer or future customer, now petty. As for customer service, dealing with a lowbrow clerk will get you nowhere, they just hardly work there, 😉

  1. It’s been my experience over the years that many women seem to be rather good at flinging shit around but none as good at it as this one!

  2. After having carefully considered the differences in past videos of the qualities of Chinese public shitters shit and Canadian public shitters shit, I have found that Chinese shit is much too runny to pick up and throw so easily. It would have to be scooped up in order to perform such a shit throwing deed and pooper scoopers aren’t usually carried by the Chinese… Therefore, Canadian shit throwers have the edge here.

  3. What in the fuck??

    Eww,just NO,on so many levels….places tell me no for bathrooms if I’m not a paying customer,i get it..they fuck up my orders ALL the time,even though i tell them,im deadly allergic to raw onions. They close up my throat,and I’ll sue em if it happens,onions,all over my fucking burgers! But I’d fucking NEVER shit in front of an audience,nor touch MY OWN shit with my bare fucking hands,that’s just fucking disgusting yo..tf?!

  4. She should not have thrown it but if they really did deny her a shit well i have no problem with her having a shit there.

    I dont know if it is law here or just custom but in my country any public place like this cannot deny a person a restroom whether a customer or not. When travelling a few years ago i was on medication making me pee alot.
    I came across some dumb fuck console operators who were either smartasses ,dumbfucks or just not trained. Some would deny me the restroom even if i was a customer! Well , i would quickly teach them what’ s what by whipping out my phone to ring the police or film our conversation.

    They quickly saw my point of view. My take on most of them ? They kept toilet locked so they would not have to clean them before end of their shift. Assholes lazy and not wanting to do the job they are paid to do!

    • And yes, it’s only there that they cannot deny you a public restroom. Here, at least where I am, you cannot use a bathroom in a fast food/donut/coffee shop/gas station for ANY reason. Don’t think it’s law but people have had it with all the people dead from overdoses on the floor. That or the needles everywhere. Places are fed up with cleaning them and having the police there every day.

  5. There’s a mentally ill homeless, 35 or so year old lady who sleeps on a mattress on the sidewalk on the side of a supermarket a few blocks from me. I always wondered about the brown stains running down the walls of the market along the side of it, at about waist high. Now I have a picture of how that works with how this “Lady” sticks her ass up against that wall and lets go… Liberal Graffiti.

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