Pretty Brazilian Girl Forced Into Her Own Grave And Shot To Death

This girl here is Paola Dutra, a young mother from Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She was made to lay in a grave and shot to death. I have no info on who killed her or why she was killed, but she looked pretty resigned to the fact she was breathing her last couple of breaths on this earth. She climbs into the grave and lies down waiting to be shot. Who knows, she may have very well deserved this and worse, but her young daughter did not. Now she’s gonna grow up messed up and without a mother.

Thanks to Pinky!

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34 thoughts on “Pretty Brazilian Girl Forced Into Her Own Grave And Shot To Death

  1. I’m not saying this is the case but a lot of pretty girls likes to bang criminals, and they both, the criminals and the girls (who are often criminals as well), end up being killed for doing something wrong. For example, treason.

  2. Listen to this classic brazilian rock n’ roll song, it tells the truth about Brazil, by Legião Urbana:

    Lyrics translation:

    In the favelas, in the senate, filth everywhere
    No one respects the constitution, but everyone believes in the future of the nation

    What country is this? (x3)

    In the Amazonas, in Araguaia, in the Baixada Fluminense
    Mato Grosso, in Minas Gerais and in the Northeast (region) everything is in peace
    In death I rest but the blood runs free
    Staining the papers, loyal documents
    To the rest of the patron/boss

    What country is this? (x4)

    Third World if only it was.
    A joke in foreign lands…
    But Brazil is going to get rich, we will earn 1$ million
    when we sell all the souls of our native americans at an auction

    What country is this? (x4)

  3. Omg,my phones on crack,sorry people..

    This post makes me wonder if she knew she fucked up already,and that’s why there’s no fight?..i mean it’s sad all around,but my guess is drugs,and when you’re part of the dopegame,you one risks that run with that great,fast money… Sad for the kid though,all kids deserve a mother..😕

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