Aftermath of Epic Suicide Leaves Blood Everywhere

Only info I have on this is that it was a suicide. And what a suicide it must have been. Would love to see video of how he actually did it but you can’t argue with the results. Got himself into the gore hall of fame with this one.

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20 thoughts on “Aftermath of Epic Suicide Leaves Blood Everywhere

  1. Wasn’t much of a blast ….everything is intact except for him. And why in a stair well? Don’t they usually go for crowds ….its just him. Strange. Hahaha I’d be pissed if I was that dude’s terriost boss lol damn Muhammad did it all wrong.

  2. Call me just plain silly, but I believe we saw one of these last week sometime and here goes just what happened…. This is a stairwell, the middle is open all the way down and protected by a railing which one puts their hand on as they walk down the stairs, we don’t know how many flights his body flew down before it finally bounced off of a railing and went splat , he probably dangled himself over the edge and fell straight down, as opposed to just wildly jumping off the edge

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