Man Beheads Dude That Banged His Wife In The Middle Of Street

On May 13, 2018 a man in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico beheaded another man in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street. The victim was the man’s co-worker and was apparently fucking his wife. The killer saw his co-worker parked on the side of the street and pulled up along beside him blocking the victim’s car in… an altercation ensued. At some point he knocked the victim to the ground and pulled out a knife and cut the wife banger’s head off and threw it under a parked car. Police were called to the scene where they found the headless body and the man still carrying around the bloody knife and behaving very aggressively. He was arrested soon after.

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40 thoughts on “Man Beheads Dude That Banged His Wife In The Middle Of Street

  1. And i thought Texans are meant to be tough -guys! Hang on wasn’t Texas once part of Mexico!

    Well we know a few things! headchopper was either very lucky,he is a butcher by trade or he is a narco-headchopper! That was a quick beheading.

    Either way,he will go to prison or be taken out by the victim’s family. His wife…well she gets to fuck whoever she wants. Husband wont be around and who can blame her!

  2. Can’t blame the guy too much here, not sure how I’d react if I saw my wife banging some other guy.
    He’d be dead, but I’m just not sure how I’d do it!
    Wifey would definitely be getting a little gift in a glass jar though.

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