Man Smoking Cigarette Gets Electrocuted

Metal, electricity, water, and a cigarette. What a great mix of geniusness. On May 7, 2018.. a man was working on some electrical issues while standing on some kind of metal staging a foot away from water when it looks like he may have been shocked. The shock caused him to jump back and fall. The moment his left hand hit the water electricity shot throughout his entire body. His body goes stiff as a board and his head drops under the water. Another man tried to run to rescue the man not knowing what happened, but he too was shocked, just not as severe and was able to quickly back away.

Thanks to Phoenix for this post!

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  1. “Dad, I’m on the final level of the latest edition of Mortal Combat, please don’t cut the power yet”

    “No problem son, just finish your game then, I think I can still do this”

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