Green, Fly-Covered Woman in a Red Dress

Only info I have on this one is that the body found belonged to a missing woman. She was discovered on April 26th, dressed like she had been out on a date or at a club or something when she met an ill fate. She’s now green and rotted and wearing flies as accessories.

Thanks Pink.

29 thoughts on “Green, Fly-Covered Woman in a Red Dress

  1. Reminds me of that song Lady in Red.
    Oh she’s striking a pose even in death.
    She was one salsy little mama.
    To have that much zaz even after death.
    By the way what’s coming out of her twat?
    And props to Der for seeing the wrapper.
    It looks like a very small gay condom.
    Those lavender trojan pinky condoms.

  2. I don’t think it’s the same person. First, the tits are too small. Gravity and liquid seepage aside, the posterior side of her forearm is tatted in this pic. Pre death pic doesn’t have any.

    It’s possible that she got the tat between pics, but I will stand by my claim of different peeps.

    • You’re right, she got new tats after her living picture was taken, but it’s definitely the same woman.
      Just check out that leaf tat on her arm that’s pointing at the small Galaga looking space ship tat off to the right of her shoulder, you’ll see them in both living and death photos.

  3. Anyone notice the black tie on her wrist? Was that a tape cassette tied on her,or was she tired up,and then raped with a condom on? Tf?? When did rapest in other countries start this? Maybe the wrapper is unrelated to her,or from another John or date,before death?

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