Tons of People Drown From Being Sucked Underwater By Low-Water Dam

Multiple people drowned in China when a low-water dam sucked in the boat they were in.. causing it to tip over sending people straight into the water. The video doesn’t show the first boat of people tipping but it does show many people in the water trying to swim away from the dam but it’s obvious they are fighting against some rough water. A second boat tries to help pull people in but it too gets sucked in. People on that boat began jumping out of the boat as far away from the dam as they can so they can attempt to swim back. It doesn’t do much good because the water was much too powerful to swim against. One by one people start disappearing underwater.. drowning. I don’t have an official death toll but it’s at least 20, and probably many more. I counted at least 40 people in the water before the second boat even comes back.

28 thoughts on “Tons of People Drown From Being Sucked Underwater By Low-Water Dam

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