Canadian Man Lynched After Murdering Elderly Female Healer in Peru

A Canadian man named Sebastian Woodroffe, 41, who was living in Peru was lynched by locals when they accused him of murdering 81-year-old Olivia Arévalo, a female shaman from the native Shipibo-Konibo people. She was shot twice and died on Thursday near her home in the small village of Victoria Gracia, Ucayali, Peru. Wooddroffe was a patient of the woman’s and knew her son very well. So well that police are saying he is the reason Woodroffe killed the shaman. Apparently, Olivia’s son owed Woodroffe money and when he didn’t pay up, he went after the man’s mother. But what Woodroffe forgot was that Peru ain’t Canada. The natives in Peru have no faith in their justice system, so they take justice into their own hands.

You can hear the badly beaten man screaming as two other men put a rubber hose around his neck and drag him until he goes limp. His body was found by police buried in a shallow grave about 0.6 miles from Olivia’s home. The Shipibo-Konibo people are known for their use of ayahuasca, the reason Woodroffe made the trip to Peru to begin with. He was trying to learn how to treat drug addiction with the use of ayahuasca.

20 thoughts on “Canadian Man Lynched After Murdering Elderly Female Healer in Peru

  1. Ha that guy was tripping.
    I wouldn’t have done that stuff.
    Or any other real drugs.
    Shit like this is bound to happen.
    It´s common sense stay away from drugs.
    That’s why he was there in the first place.
    And look what doing junk got him.
    Snuffed out Gary Ridgeway style.
    Killed like a 10 dollar lot lizard.

  2. Haha Jesus !!!!!!!! ..even a canine was spectator to this mud wrestling event ..and that’s what was more of an eye candy .
    Done that, been there and gotten fucking lynched
    add to it ……the lynched up gutter rat was crying out like a buggered up male whore in pain …much like maggots eating out in to his bleeding poop hole
    For a change though Lynching seems like a good sport when its about to rain .I love the dark rainy clouds oh yeah oh yeah
    pitter patter pitter patter

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