Aftermath Of Self Immolation Of LGBT Rights Lawyer David Buckel

David Buckel, 60, a well known gay rights attorney and environmentalist committed suicide on April 14, 2018.. by self immolation in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. Buckel set himself on fire apparently to protest damage being done to the planet. Well, buddy, you burned the shit out of that grass, you hypocrite. He left a suicide note in a plastic bag near his body. Starting the note off with, “I am David Buckel and I just killed myself by fire as a protest suicide.” He included things in the note that talked about how people are selfish and do nothing to protect the environment..”Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result – my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.” Buckel said he had lived a priveged life with good health up until his final moment. He ended the note with, “I apologize to you for the mess.” His burning remains were discovered by joggers around 7:00am.

David Buckel gained notoriety as the lead attorney in the case of Brandon Teena, a transgendered man/woman that was murdered in Nebraska. I’m sure you guys have seen the movie that was made about it, Boys Don’t Cry.

29 thoughts on “Aftermath Of Self Immolation Of LGBT Rights Lawyer David Buckel

  1. That’s a HUGE carbon footprint to be ejecting into the atmosphere, David. Shame on you! Your soot probably killed about half the Amazon rain forest. Asshole. Should have killed yourself in an eco- and gay-friendly way, like a bad case of butt warts.

  2. “People are selfish and do nothing.”
    I could not agree more with that.
    Though it goes double for celebrities .
    Who do nothing but enrich themselves .
    And don’t spread awareness of real problems.
    Aside from Johnny cash who wore black.
    That’s about all the fucks he gave others.
    Ooh you wore black you’re really changing things.
    Many other celebs gave less fucks than that.

  3. WHAT A FUCKING TARD!! Forreal? You love the environment,so let’s not only burn the fucking grass up,where your mess laid. Let’s ALSO pollute the air with your burning body..DUMBASS!! Wow,how the fuck was this deetadee a fucking lawyer??..Smfh..

  4. He left a suicide note in a PLASTIC bag? Yeah that would have really done a great job protecting it had it caught on fire 🙄
    He looked really good for 60 tho (no homo)… that is until he cooked his nuts. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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